Adam T. Lefebvre

Born and raised in Regina SK, Adam Lefebvre took interest in art at a young age. He started his BFA at the University of Regina and completed it in 2015 at the Alberta College of Art + Design, majoring in ceramics. With a focus on functional pottery and vessel-based sculpture.

The term “vestige” is the underlying theme within all of my work. From sculpture to photography to utilitarian pottery, I create visible traces or remnants of something no longer present. This term is inherent within atmospheric fired ceramics because the resulting surfaces are a literal remnant of the kiln, the fire, and the choices of the firing crew. The natural world and the objects that are subjected to it pique my aesthetic interests. Objects that have been left to weather and decay can gain intensely fascinating surfaces that only time and the elements can create. It is these qualities that I seek with atmospheric firing. During my childhood the family trips coast to coast were highly formative. The trips exposed me to the vast and wild beauty as well as the rich history within this country I proudly call home. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I received from our travel was the importance of stopping and looking. Whether it is to see an expansive vista at a roadside turnout or an upturned rusty nail in a fence, I have always found pleasure in observation. Ultimately, my efforts are towards creating objects that are visually captivating. 

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