Amanda Parker Design

In 2007 I left my career as an interior designer to focus on my passion for combining art, craft, and design. I returned to Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and obtained a diploma in Craft & Design, majoring in glass. Since that time I have lived and worked in Toronto, Vancouver, and now Calgary, where I currently have a home based studio. Living and traveling around our country has provided me with an abundance of inspiration. It has acted as a catalyst for my exploration of mixed media work as well as handmade jewellery, using clay and glass to explore some of nature’s most simple and complex forms.

From the simplistic, tiny seed pod to the most elaborate and giant coral, nature has an alluring order. The forms and structure of the natural world hold an infinite source of inspiration and reflection. In my Cultures Series works I examine a gamut of amazing formations held by time capsule like seeds and underwater fauna and flora. Rendering these works in pure white and translucent glass allows one to focus on the pattern and structure imbued by the collections of hand sculpted forms. I strive with these pieces to capture a moment and an opportunity to reflect on the fathomless and delicate beauty that our environment possesses.

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