Aura May

I was always encourage to be creative and use my hands. I enrolled at the Alberta College of Art and Design with the intention of perusing a degree in illustration however, it was ceramics that won me over. After graduating in 2005 I was lucky to work at Wildflower Art Centre and North Mount Pleasant Art Centre as studio technician and instructor. The experience I gained working at the arts centres was invaluable and I often wonder if I could have maintained a ceramic practice without it. In 2013 I moved to Vancouver where I set up a studio practice and occasionally teach pottery classes. My hope for the future is to have a larger studio space to accommodate classes and workshops.

Artist Statement
I love to wander in nature and thanks to my dog we wander often. A stick, a stone, a shell, or some other piece of nature usually comes back to the studio with me. These precious pieces is what informs and inspires me the most. I believe that the seeking out beautiful hand made objects to live with can help better connect you to the natural world and to humanity.

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