Boolah Baguette

My name is Erin, and I love making dolls. Boolah Baguette began as a way for me to take my illustrations of curious little people and animals and turn them into something that I could hold. Along the way I grew my love of textiles, pattern, colors, and mixing together any materials that inspire me. I discovered how much I love making and sharing cute and unusual objects, and how each little detail could add to the story. I hand make each doll and toy in my studio in Saskatoon, seeing them through from design to the last stitches - and each time I get to do this I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this wonderful, creative community.

My work is inspired by the way that both kids and adults interact with playful objects. I enjoy seeing what makes people smile, and creating little reminders that it’s okay to always include happy and imaginative items into the everyday.

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