Carole Epp

Hiya! I'm a ceramic artist from Saskatoon. I've been working in clay for over 15 years now. 2 degrees in ceramics and a whole lot of studio time have gotten me to where I am today. I show my work internationally (but mainly in Canada and the States) and I find ways to eat up all my waking hours with things like blogging about clay, writing articles for publications about clay, teaching workshops about clay and social media, and generally doing what ever it takes to be a full time practicing artist, in clay. I love what I do!

Within the whirlwind of a busy life with two young children, my functional ceramics have evolved from a past of formal inquiries and technical explorations towards more contemporary narrative representations and whimsy. From books and their elaborate illustrative art, to my own children’s drawings and imaginations I find inspiration all around me. The reward of this work for me is that young and old find happiness though the work and its engagement with nostalgia and familiar imagery.

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