Carrie Phillips-Kieser

Carrie Phillips Kieser is a Calgary based printmedia artist. Born on the east coast of Canada, the movements of the sea, the treasures found at its edge and the sense of an inevitable loss, has not ceased to inspire her work. She graduated from Mount Alison University with a BA in Art History and Fine art. From California, where she worked in various museums, including the Santa Monica Museum of Art, LACMA and the Santa Monica Mountains Research Museum, within the archival and collections departments, she moved to Calgary. She has exhibited and presented her art nationally and internationally since 2009. She is currently the Executive Director of Alberta Printmakers Gallery and Studio, a non profit artist run center dedicated to increase public awareness of print media.

I weave and tangle, I craft and obliterate, I etch into and I wipe away, while composing with motifs and symbols. As a printmaking artist, I work within traditional techniques of copper plate etching and contemporary polymer plates. The plate is the entry point to which my investigation of aspects of the human psyche, the impact of memory and to personal relationships. Intentional line making mix with intrinsic accidental mark making to facilitate the conceptual content permeated in the work. Although the work begins from a place of personal life relationships (those of motherhood/childhood, wife/lover/friend) and my role and purpose within those relationships, it plays with notions of innocence and the uncanny; where something can be both familiar yet alien at the discomfort. Though the aesthetic qualities of simplicity of line and object it allows for a wider interpretation of intent and questioning.

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