Corinne Cowell

Corinne Cowell is a mixed media artist who was born in Toronto, Canada in 1970. She moved west to Calgary in 1980 and graduated with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design, in 1992. Her work is retained in many collections both commercial and private. She began her graphic design company in 1994 and in 1996 won a first prize in booth design for Health Canada at the Edmonton Womens Show. Corinne also won 2 gold and 1 merit award for printing excellence in graphic design in 1997. She started getting back to her fine art roots in 2001 when she participated in a painting group show in Calgary. After pausing to raise her young family, in 2010 she decided to refocus almost entirely on visual arts. She discovered a love of fibre in 2011 and has been developing and refining her technique in order to create a unique style of presentation for her felted images. Her current work deals with narratives, memories, and organic structures. She uses whatever media supports her imagery and theme ranging from needle and wet felted wool, acrylic paint and photo transfer, to silk, paper, and horse hair to express her visual stories. Corinne lives and works in Calgary, AB.

I have always been interested in narratives and they are a recurring theme in my work. Some of the areas I’ve been interested in are about memories as well as the natural world. My current work continues an interest in narrative specifically as it relates to the environment and our place within it as well as our transitions through it. I work in multiple media and image sets simultaneously and my current directions include our intimate experience in wild spaces, fleeting moments in relation to time of day, year and era as well as interactions with the natural world. I use wet and needle felting, acrylic painting, and mixed media collage as a base for story telling. I greatly enjoy exploring new media and it’s interplay with the subject because I want the materials to be integral and supportive of the stories I’m trying to portray. I am also intrigued by the textural and mixed media potential of the materials I use on both a visual and emotive level. The materials I use can range from raw wool, paint, photo transfer, hand made and printed papers to acrylic paint, hand stitching and horse hair.
I specifically like the textural and sculptural aspects that can be created with needle felting as it simulates the undulations and dimensional aspects of the images I’m creating. They become more of a living and tactile environment, encouraging the viewer to touch and reminisce.

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