Dirt Light Shadow

Asha Robertson’s devotion to the arts began at her roots. Her Father a sculptor and Mother a painter, introduced art as an integral part of life. Robertson’s formal education began with a four-year mentorship. This mentorship provided a strong background in the unique language of sculpture. This in turn brought her to the Art Institute of Chicago, and then to the Alberta collage of Art and design where majoring in sculpture Robertson explored a very interdisciplinary practice opening her eyes to expressing the three dimensional through form and material. In 2003 she completed a Bachelor of fine arts. With in her pocket Robertson has gone on to create a home studio where her practice continues to evolve and expand. Her art is represented in galleries and boutiques across Canada.

There are many things that propel me ever forward in the creative realm. Material and process being at the heart. I have a deep love of finding and exploring the limits and strengths of each of the materials I use. I am trained as a sculpture, all the facets of practice craft or otherwise have a intrinsically sculptural approach. Subjects of collective memory and sights seen on long road trips are some of my favourite things to mine for inspiration.

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