Eveline Kolijn

Eveline Kolijn is a Calgary-based printmedia and multidisciplinary artist. Born in France in 1962, she experienced an international childhood and received a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from the Rijks Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands in 1986. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a BFA in print media in 2008 and is the recipient of the Governor General’s academic medal. 

She has exhibited and presented on her art nationally and internationally. Her work has been shown in solo-exhibitions in Curacao, the Dutch Antilles; Oak Park, Illinois; Limerick, Ireland, and most recently, the Netherlands. Her prints have been accepted in biennials in Istanbul, Vancouver, Kelowna, Portugal and Guanlan, China. She has published on art and science in several peer-reviewed journals. In October 2013 she was an artist in residence at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. In May 2015, she was the inaugural resident-artist at the Vorres Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece.

Eveline strongly believes that the arts enrich society, and wants to share her experience and passion in learning environments and community involvement. She has served on the board of Alberta Printmaker’s Society and is also an artist-mentor and founding board member of the THIS IS MY CITY Art Society. She has been appointed to the Calgary Public Art board in 2014. She is currently an Extended Studies instructor at the Alberta College of Art + Design and an artist educator for the Royal Music Conservatory’s Learning Through The Arts program.

My interest in the biological sciences and concern for the environment is expressed through printmaking, photography and sculptural installations made from found materials. These interests were encouraged by an international childhood, which involved beachcombing along the coasts of Venezuela and scuba diving in the Caribbean; to observe and record the natural habitats of the shells my father and I collected. Taxonomy made me sensitive to form and pattern in nature. 
These early experiences influenced my development as an artist and fostered my interest in the connections between art and science, and the relationship between human society and the natural environment. 

Central in my work is concept of the Biosphere, of living matter being inseparably connected within the geological envelope of the earth. I express that connectedness through an iconography of cut-out patterns that reflect this web of life. Recent patterns investigate microscopic algae that provide most of the oxygen we breathe. A residency at the University of Southern California has led to my current Breath of Life project, in which I visually express breath and state of the art research into early lung-cancer detection. I connect the health of our lungs to the health of our oceans via the cycle of breath.

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