Hold Your Ground

With a raggle taggle of self taught determination, 2 years of Fibre and Fashion at KSA, a healthy dose of apprentice style schooling from a master goldsmith, a deep affinity to my Grandmother's necessity evoked recycling skillfulness, extensive travel in Europe, India and North America, interwoven with a lifelong reverence for adornment and the human form in all her glory - has compelled over 20 years of heartful dedication to the creation of recycled garments, fashion, jewels, costume and spirited ornament.

It is deeply important to me that my pieces hold the connection between ourselves & the Natural world. Inherent within my collection is a deep bow to our sensuous nature and more recently an interest in an older, more feral quality within us. Coupled with the exclusive use of natural materials - fibre, metal, leather, pearls, gems, fur - and the importance of how the pieces feel on the body, our skin, I endeavour to have the wearer feel a creative connection to those qualities in us all. Meaningfulness within a garment or neckpiece, thoughtful of the fact that beauty is much more than what we see, and that the process of making things is more than an assemblage of parts and components - it is for me an intentional relationship to creative process: Nature, story, sprit and love combined. Alchemically this translates into each medium I use and compels me to continue exploring my version of beauty, fashion and ultimately soulful adornment.

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