Irene Rasetti

Irene Rasetti is a textile artist living in Calgary, Alberta. Born and raised in the city by The Bow, Irene left early on to pursue a career in Fashion in Milan. After graduating from L'Istituto Marangoni, Irene had success working as a designer for various prestigious design houses including Gianfranco Ferre and Gianni Versace.

Disillusioned with the grind of the industry, she returned home to be closer to her family. Irene continued to pursue her love of fashion and textiles, opening a boutique clothing store which allowed her aesthetic vision to develop unfettered by the demands of the large-scale industry she left behind.

After a few years, Irene felt the need to be free to pursue her creative impulse without any commercial constraint and sold her shop to focus on building a studio practice.

Through extensive workshops and classes she deepened her knowledge of garment construction and discovered new techniques related to natural dyeing. Her career in Milan taught her about research, quality, craftsmanship and style. Her life in Canada allowed her to develop her vision as an artist.

Irene continues to create unique one of a kind garments through pattern draping and the natural dye process using natural fiber, botanicals and plant matter. Her work has been featured at The Alberta Craft Council, seen in Luxe and Uppercase Magazine and she creates custom pieces for private clients.

Artist Statement
Decay and growth, aging and birth; these are the meta-themes which inspire and direct my creative process. Born of poor Italian immigrants, I find myself a bridge between the old and the new in many ways. This experience has offered me an acute sensitivity to the nuances of transformation. I am drawn to explore the impermanence of our thoughts, our fickleness, as well as the beauty of our own fragility.

My current work revolves around natural dyes. It is a very organic process, a little bit calculated but mostly left to chance and alchemy. There is a certain amount of imperfection infused with fragility and decay in the process. This not only is a theme in my work, but also resonates with my life experience. I am searching for an authentic engagement with fiber in relation to the human form. My work eschews perfection or standard notions of beauty. Instead, I Endeavour to represent an authentic aspect of our shared experience in a fragile time.

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