Janet Stein Jewelry

I studied art and design at the University of Alberta. Jewelry making started as a hobby and stress relief during that time. I enjoyed bending wire and string beads so I enrolled in a silversmithing class for the summer and fell in love with the medium of metal. I was fortunate enough to continue my jewelry education after University with the mentorship of Wayne Mackenzie in Edmonton and a course in Florence, Italy the summer of 2002. I moved to Kelowna in 2009 where I shared studio space at the Rotary Centre for the Arts. Three of us had a working/teaching studio there and I taught weekend silversmithing classes for two years. I currently work out of my home studio, enjoying the view of Lake Okanagan and the company of my two studio dogs.

Artist Statement
I strive to design jewelry that is timeless and unique. To do this I design with clean shapes touched with subtle, unexpected detail. The detail can be a line, a dash, a texture or a gemstone. I believe those subtle details are what turns everyday objects into art and speak to all of us.

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