Jason Blower Illustration

Jason describes himself as part of the “G.I. Joe, Dukes of Hazard, Smurfs, He-man, Transformers, Big Wheels, play outside using your imagination, still holding onto our youth” generation. Jason’s father was always making up “Big Fish”stories for him and his siblings, including such fantastical tales as to always be on the lookout for snow alligators; that his Father is an alien; and that people shouldn’t swallow chewing gum or it would likely cause them to grow a gum treein their stomachs. This creative influence and outlandish storytelling ensured that creativity and imagination were always present in Jason’s youth; ideas, which have carried forward into his adulthood and are evident in much of his work.

ARTISTS STATEMENT: I am all about sunshine and lollipops! I like to make things that make a person fell a warm and fuzzy inside, be that nostalgic visuals or stories that bring you closer to subject matter through a reflection of your own memories.

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