In my childhood my family would vacation to the ocean most every summer, the textures, shapes and glossy mystery of the ocean and what might live within its depths would bewitch me. Driving back and forth through the Rocky mountains, it was hard not to be humbled by the vast scale and geometry of the peaks and valleys. Enjoying the calming beauty of farmer’s fields and prairie roads engulfed with beautiful trees and grasses. These seductive natural elements are the base for much of my work today. The juxtaposition of sharp geometry and flowing curves in nature mimics the characteristics of glass perfectly. Sharp yet smooth, flowing but strong, subtle yet powerful.

Michelle was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and much of her work is influenced by the nature and experiences western Canada. An accomplished graphic designer for over 15 years, her day job allows her to express herself creatively in the digital realm, while glass is a way to communicate the world around her in a medium far closer to her heart. She uses a technique called kiln-forming to melt glass in a linear fashion creating organic forms inspired by nature. She experiments with various techniques to create unique jewelry, functional home decor and sculptural pieces.

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