Joanna Lovett Sterling (Oct 21+22)

I have been designing jewelry from my studio in the West Coast of British Columbia for over 15 years. My favourite thing is seeing people get joy and meaning out of wearing what I make, especially when the piece becomes part of their personal style. I also love seeing a new design really come together. I never tire of the miracle of working with precious metals and stones that have come from our earth and use recycled and re refined pure silver as much as possible. My work has been sold in over 100 galleries throughout North America and more recently I have enjoyed selling directly to customers at quality shows like the NCC in Calgary. In 2016 I had an exciting experience of having my Earth Locket and Roman Road rings being chosen to be worn as key to the plot line in a feature film.

I strive to make jewelry that will not only be a joy to wear but that will have meaning in people’s lives. One of my favourite things to design and make are Lockets. The first locket came in 2007 - the Earth Locket - as a way to acknowledge that all intentions to contribute, big and small have an impact on the world. I decided to make these pieces in the form of a locket because they could have both my intention as well as the possibility for the wearer to add their own personal meaning to it. The following year I made the Dream Locket and today there are 8 lockets in the collection - Earth - Dream - Muse - Promise - Starfish - Planet and Treasured. I have made over 280 lockets in these designs so far. The 2016 locket will be launching at this October’s NCC show! Each locket has it’s own way of coming into being and usually takes about a year to go from idea to sharing with others. The ideas come to me in many different ways such as a response to what is happening in the world around us, a need to focus on a part of life or an inspiring story told to me by a friend. I also travel to Europe - mostly Italy almost every spring and often solo and I find that these adventures are sources of inspiration that stay with me all year long. I love everything about designing, making and helping people find the right locket for where they are in their life. Each locket opens in a unique way and has a special space for tucking a personal note or momento . Each one is also is numbered uniquely. I keep a log book for all the lockets and record the first name, where the person lives and the
date for each locket. I have found that the chosen number often also brings personal meaning to the Locket. I am in the process of creating a map of the world showing where they all are.

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