Jolie Bird

Jolie Bird is a textile artist who lives and works in Calgary, Alberta. She completed her MFA at NSCAD University in 2013 and has also studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design and Capilano University. Currently, she is the Educational Art Technician for the Fibre Program at the Alberta College of Art & Design. Her work has been exhibited locally, nationally and in the United States.

Artist Statement
I aim to produce finely crafted, meaningful objects for the home and body. Art, craft, design and everyday life all provide an endless supply of inspiration to me. I work predominantly with textiles and fibre but also include other mediums and found objects into my practice. I am drawn to slow techniques like hand stitching, weaving and wrapping because they require an investment of time to complete. Quite often repetitive and slow building in nature, they can be mentally and physically demanding at the same time intuitive and somewhat meditative. By working slowly with simple tools, I form an intimate connection with each object and in doing so they are embedded with their own unique history.

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