Julya Hajnoczky

Julya Hajnoczky was born in Calgary and raised by hippie parents, surrounded by unruly houseplants, bookishness and art supplies, with CBC radio playing softly, constantly, in the background. It was inevitable, then, that she would grow up to be an artist. She holds a BA in French from the University of Calgary and a BDes in photography from the Alberta College of Art + Design. Her multidisciplinary practice includes analog and digital photography, embroidery, and miniature paper sculpture. She draws inspiration from classic children’s literature, science and natural history, and a lifetime of very Canadian summers at the family camp at the lake.

The extraordinary details of the natural world never fail to amaze me. The quiet work of plants, animals and insects, so easily ignored by humans, is what interests me the most, and what I constantly return to for inspiration. Much of my work is a sort of meditation on the interactions between people and nature, on the ways in which we attempt to control and codify nature, yet hold ourselves as somehow separate. My pieces attempt to frame the work of plants and animals in terms that are easier for humans to understand, and potentially empathize or identify with. I hope to inspire a sense of wonder or fascination, and encourage the viewer to consider the energy and resources that go into building complex environments and ecosystems.

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