kari woo contemporary art jewelry

Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2003 [BFA, Honors, Jewellery + Metalsmithing], Kari has been engaged in her studio practice full-time. She makes her living as a jewellery designer/maker characterized by intense periods of design and production, bookended with projects for custom clients. She identifies as a mixed media artist due to her many avenues of interest within the creative arena and her curiosity around the intersection of materials and ideas. Increasingly, areas of artistic interest that bid for Kari’s time include her ongoing series of mixed media assemblage work, public art projects, volunteer work in the arts sector and creative placemaking activities.

Artist Statement
Intersections of the urban and natural worlds are where I am most excited when it comes to finding ideas or inspiration for my work. Random Patterns in Nature meet High Fashion. Natural Architecture meets Modern Sculpture. Rigid lines yield to Organic Forms. The notions of Less is More and that there is Perfection in Imperfection are driving forces behind my aesthetic choices.

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