Kristine Zingeler

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Kristine Zingeler has devoted her time to continuous and diverse learning and is constantly distracted by the beauty in the everyday. Upon graduation with distinction from the University of Calgary with a BFA in Studio Concentration, she has focused solely on her art practice. She creates artwork with diverse methods and materials, experimenting in order to find meaningful interactions. Primarily a painter, her work also touches on photography, collage and installation. She has shown in several local galleries and her work is a part of numerous private collections across Canada. Two of her paintings have recently been included in Manifest Press’ International Painting III, a catalogue of contemporary paintings from around the world released in January 2014.

These recent collages come together in a variety of ways. Aesthetic matches through colour, pattern, and scale, connections made through the subject matter of the images, serendipitous personal connections and noticed moments, and sense of humor all come into play. My goal is to create sensitive studies of the human experience and maintain a deep well of cumulated emotional potential from which to draw. Meaning is implied without being forced through the work and the final image is open to multiple interpretations.

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