MIKIND Ceramics

Meet Jenn Demke-Lange:
Originally from Calgary Alberta, Jenn now lives in Medicine Hat with her husband and daughter.
A graduate from the Alberta College of Art & Design, with a BFA under her belt, she continues her lifelong passion of making, creating and doodling things she loves.


MIKIND's studio is located in the sunny Southern Alberta city of Medicine Hat. We produce handmade ceramics objects (from tableware to jewellery) that are playful and decorative, drawing inspiration from contemporary graphics, pattern and illustrations. We love to discover all the possibilities that ceramics can offer and create these unique objects for all who are interested in the world of the handmade object.
Our unique studio space is located in the Historic Clay District, home to a working museum and International Artists-in-Residence Program. We are lucky to have our ceramic practice be continually inspired and flourish by the many artists filtering through the studio.

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