I graduated from Olds College with a diploma in Apparel Construction. Since then I have worked in a few different areas within the apparel manufacturing industry, but eventually came to the understanding that I need to create my own pieces. Murph MFG is something that I have been playing around with for many many years but only recently really have started to take it seriously. Under this brand, I make jeans and leather goods. All of the design and production are done by myself; not so I can boast but so that I can ensure complete quality control and take full responsibility for what I am offering.

When an item catches your eye not because of any decorative details or embellishments, but because of its simplicity, that's what I like. Almost in the same way how the cake with the most icing wont always be the best tasting. I like finding work or outdoor clothing from previous generations, I'm sure a lot of people do actually. I just like how simple that stuff was while still remaining functional. I think that's what inspires me. I suppose that and having an understanding that there can always be something to improve on. I hope that I will make each piece with a higher standard of quality than the last, learning from my own experience as well as other's.

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