Nooks Design

Ruthy Penner has been making clothing from upcycled materials since she was in her early-teens and over the past 20 years she's had experience as a commercial seamstress for a number of small boutique designers on Vancouver Island. Always seeking ways to re-purpose materials and create something new from old, her vision for converting discarded wool sweaters into the first pair of Nooks Design felted wool booties started it all. She is the driving force behind the creative development of new products, the sourcing of materials, and the ongoing evolution of the brand.

Artist Statement
Nooks Design was born from a desire to combine a love for making beautiful products by hand and using upcycled and vintage materials. Made from hand-picked and upcycled materials such as cashmere, angora, lambs wool and alpaca, our soft-sole booties incorporate a gentle elastic around the ankle to keep them in place.

We hope you enjoy wearing our products as much as we love making them.

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