Rabbet is James Jensen and Louisa Jensen. They met in art school and fell in love. James grew up (mostly) in Calgary. He runs a small graphic design company, Atom Graphics. He was a founding member of Burnt Toast Studio in Calgary. James likes encyclopedias and science fiction. Louisa is an illustrator. She grew up in small town Manitoba. She works in traditional and digital media. Louisa likes Icelandic horses and interior design. James and Louisa formed Rabbet because they love to: obsess over aesthetics, share ideas on defining home through art, and create artworks that are interesting, unusual, and affordable.

James artist's statement:
I find inspiration in old books. Specifically, vintage encyclopedias and science textbooks. Recently my work involves combining scanned images from a variety of public-domain sources into digital collages. I like to find organization and structure in these images, and add my own colours / shapes to the mix. There is no hidden meaning in my art. Decisions are mostly made for aesthetic reasons, to create interesting juxtapositions and playful compositions. I work with imagery that interests me, which also happens to be imagery that interested me when I was twelve years old.

Louisa artist’s statement:
I work on my art most frequently on my couch at home with soft pillows and natural lighting. I can sit for hours, occasionally refilling coffee. More and more horses creep into my work because frankly, I’m obsessed with them. But then there are the red pandas, squirrels, little flop eared rabbits and so on. My subject matter is often figurative, both human and animals. I like simple narratives in natural settings, depicting a moment in time.

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