“Riyoko helps women get from point A to B in style. Riyoko believes clothing is necessary to our daily lives, yet it shouldn't dictate what we do, or how we do it; it should do it with us, and do it well. Whether by bike, by foot, by plane, to work, or to play, Riyoko provides comfortable, conscious, chic attire for women made with their movement in mind.”

The idea of Riyoko was born on a humid night biking around Toronto in 2002. Riyoko's designer, Kristi, loved every outfit she had, but many didn't breathe or move well. She found the same challenges with her clothing while travelling through Asia between 2003 and 2006. She wanted to make clothes that travelled well, packed well, and looked good.These experiences, along with her B.A.A in Fashion Design, brought her home to Canada to found Riyoko. Production started in Kristi's Calgary studio, where she thoughtfully designed, pattern made, and sewed all the pieces. It has since grown responsibly to include local production outside the studio. Kristi believes in 'doing what she can do'. She believes in ethical fashion, a lower carbon footprint, and a smaller consumption footprint, so the materials Riyoko uses are sourced in Canada and the US, and they are as sustainable as possible. All the pieces are quality-made-to-last. Riyoko is now sold online, and at select markets and shops in North America.

Merging innovation and classic design intrigues me. I have always admired the style, craft, and durability of Canadian designs from the 60s and 70s, and I have also always appreciated the functionality of activewear. In my work, I combine traditional pattern techniques with innovative fabrics and modern technical details. I believe a garment should be durable, and I believe that less is more, so I take time in my process to make thoughtful, timeless pieces that will integrate into existing wardrobes and last for years. As of late, I am mostly inspired by my journey. I love witnessing the changing seasons along the Bow River during my commute to and from the studio. The experiences of colour, texture, and the balance between the city noise, and the quiet of the pathway and focus in my studio have recently been finding their way into my work through balancing bright colours, patterns, and textures with muted tones and clean lines. To the journey ~

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