Sabrina Butterfly Designs

Sabrina Butterfly O'Donnell has always had a passion for clothing design. She addended the University College of the Fraser Valley from 1995-1997, in Abbotsford, BC. A year after receiving a diploma in Fashion Design, she developed her first clothing line under the label, Sabrina Butterfly Designers.

Three years later, as her line grew, she decided to return to Edmonton, where the SB design styles evolved with it's new market. In an effort to discover and connect with as many new customers as possible, SB Designs has explored the sales avenues of outdoor festivals and markets, large and small craft shows and Canadian boutiques. Sabrina is still heavily involved in the production of her collection, everything is made in Canada.

The clothing line is made from mostly natural materials (some organics) including cotton, linen, rayon, bamboo, hemp, raw silk + wools, often blended with lycra or spandex for that extra comfy fit. The entire line is preshrunk and very easy to wear and care for. Presently, Sabrina Butterfly Pants are hitting stores and receiving rave reviews from Ottawa to Victoria.

In September 2007, Sabrina opened her own boutique which is the official home of the Sabrina Butterfly clothing line. The boutique also features jewelry + accessories, undergarments, housewares + body products, made by designers locally, across Canada and beyond!

Artist Statement
Clothing Design is a natural way to express my creative side. It explores many aspects of three-dimensional art including proportion, form, depth and focussing on the fine details. I am inspired by unusual textures, prints and an array of rich colours. My most unique designs capture ideas of both the distant past and present day. I like to use asymmetrical lines and creative closures and notions for detailing, to make a harmonious garment.

As seasons change, my line takes on new dimensions, creating timeless designs for naturally comfortable women. Flattering silhouettes, distinctive details and an array of natural fibres create a signature Sabrina Butterfly Designs clothing piece.

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