Sean Kunz Ceramics

Born on the prairies, but raised primarily on the West Coast in Victoria, B.C. I was always interested in drawing and design, with a particular awareness of profile and line quality. While finishing my BFA in ceramics at ACAD in 2005 I began looking for a residency opportunity where I could continue to make pots and gain some experience in the clay community. Harbourfront Center in Toronto proved to be a good choice, and working in Toronto afforded me numerous exhibition, gallery and teaching opportunities. In 2007, I once again returned to Alberta and currently work and teach at the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre in Calgary.

As a potter making functional work I am challenged by both aesthetic and ergonomic considerations. Contemporary design objects and architecture inspire my work, along with historic pots that are grounded in utility and tradition. I want my pots to have volume, to allude to their ability to contain and nourish and to have gesture with out becoming too animated. I often work in small editions, allowing me to constantly refine designs and ideas, and it is often past ideas revisited that prove to be the most successful. Handmade objects connect us to the people that make them, and the craftsmanship is a reflection of the maker’s time and energy. In increasingly dense urban societies where technology can serve to alienate us, a virtual environment cannot replace a thoughtful handle.

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