Trespasser Ceramics

Ceramic artist Andrew Tarrant is known as an accomplished practitioner of sprigged decoration. His work is a contemporary view of classical pottery forms influenced by historical and mythological themes and a modern humor. Influenced by various cultures and civilizations throughout history, his work presents as both unique and opulent from small, personal, utilitarian objects to larger one of a kind vessels. Born in the United Kingdom, and moving to Canada at a young age his early memories of the UK promoted the evolution of his artistic career. Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 1990 he has created work for clients worldwide, representing in numerous collections and shown in many exhibitions including the Faenza 53rd International Competition of Contemporary Ceramics.

From the smallest mug and bead to the largest vase and sculptural form my work reflects a classical feel with an underlying primal sense, represented by the historical imagery used with the inception of each piece. I strive to show people that their everyday items can also be artistic, that historical can also be contemporary and that some imagery crosses cultural, historical and geographic boundaries to have meaning for all.

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