White Owl Ceramic Studio (Oct 21+22)

Laura Sharp began her formal arts education through the Kootenay School of the Arts, in Nelson, B.C.. She then transferred to the Alberta College of Art and Design and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2006, majoring in ceramics. Upon graduation she focused mainly on teaching ceramics to the broader community through North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre. In 2009 , she was able to start her own studio practice and opened White Owl Ceramic Studio.

Her work is carried throughout western Canada in various galleries such as the Alberta Craft Council Gallery, Touchstones Museum in Nelson, B.C., and the Whyte Museum in Banff. She continues to further her studio practice as well as her love of teaching in Calgary.

I work on many levels through the process of production work, series, and working through sketches and drawings. Clay is a seductive medium. Sensitive to the gentlest impressions, it is a wonderful repository for ideas.

Currently I am primarily working on my ideas through the production of multiple pieces. I make forms, then study them and respond by adjusting the next pieces through an ever changing subtle conversation of creating and responding. I respond to the subtleties in proportions and am committed to progressing my visual understanding of the relationships inherent in form.

My main clay body of choice is a highly translucent porcelain that can be fired in an oxidation environment in an electric kiln. I am drawn to the translucency of this clay. The way the light shines through the vessels adds an enigmatic quality to the pieces, a quality that continues to inspire my exploration of this medium.

I enjoy the relationship between the surface of a pot and the underlying form. Through various surface treatment techniques, I search for ways to elaborate on the expression in the form, such as using strong graphic focal points that emphasize the curves of a pot or lines that pull the eye around the pot.

I enjoy allowing my explorations to feed an ever growing understanding of ceramic technique and knowledge as well as an ever developing aesthetic; an aesthetic that is grounded in the human tradition of making ceramic pots.

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